Adam Karmiński

Hi, Adam here.

Co-founder and CTO of Bethink and Co‑founder of Dailyboard.

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🇺🇸 Avoid bloated backlogs and The Sea of Mold — a scalable Jira setup for managing your Product and Teams projects effectively

An article on the setup I use to effectively manage development of Bethink's core product.

🇵🇱 Engineering Stages, czyli jak lepiej rozwijać zespół, używając standardów?

An article on how to use an action-based framework to manage personal growth in an engineering team.

🇺🇸 Decision log using Jira and Automation — the Holy Grail of documenting decisions?

An article on how to set up a robust decision log for the whole company using a Jira project.

🇺🇸 Building the Bridge of Trust — 7 factors that make your company more trustworthy

An article on how to use a trust-building model known from leadership and apply it to your product.

Talks and appearances

🇵🇱 Videocast with Kamil Cebulski

A conversation with Kamil Cebulski, the founder of Asbiro entrepreneurship school, on building an e-learning business at Bethink.

🇵🇱 Podcast with Explain Visually

A conversation with Maciej Budkowski, COO of ExplainVisually, on building an e-learning business at Bethink.

🇵🇱 Talk at RSQ meet-up

Talk based on my article - Building the Bridge of Trust (see Articles).

🇵🇱 The silent killers of Agile - Taby vs Spacje podcast

A conversation with Adam Polak and Andrzej Wysoczański where I share my thoughts on the not-so-obvious hindrances to agile development.